About Newtype

This is Stanford’s premier anime club. We are dedicated to creating a strong anime-loving community here on the Farm and are glad you are here! The Newtype Anime Club is a community built around all aspects of anime: the art, the videos, the music, and the cosplay! We put on events relating to these categories, watching anime, as well as just meeting up to discuss our love of anime. (Kylesh Sharma, 2018')

Stanford Newtype was officially approved by the Office of Student Activities to be a Stanford University Voluntary Student Organization on September 23, 1992.

Stanford Newtype Club was started by Hao Anh Le, who left for Japan during 1995-1996 academic year. Eric Tsai took over.
"Newtype" originates from Mobile Suit Gundam in which a Newtype is a human with psi powers.

The sun, unable to shine through the thick and dreary clouds
Fails to provide warmth to Stanford University's overworked student population
Then, a cat's meow can be heard off in the distance
Finally, a figure emerges from the blackness and offers you his outstretched hand
This is Newtype.
We strive to provide you with the anime you need, when you need it most. Don't let school get you down. We can help.
-Chris Kulesa '07

Today Newtype stands for a being that is more powerful than the average human, or a protector of the innocent, a superhero.

This is the continual and forever ongoing rebirth of Stanford Community with the finest selection of original language and English subtitled Japanese Anime, and promote awareness of Anime culture.